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Your Business Value: A Funeral Home Owner’s Guide to Prepping for 2023

By Funeral Director Daily / November 21, 2022 /

Editor’s Note:  Today’s guest columnist is Jake Johnson, CEO of Johnson Consulting Group.  His article begins here:   It’s no secret to anyone right now that businesses everywhere are feeling the impacts of inflation. The funeral profession specifically has seen a rise in costs, and it’s resulted in increased stress and pressure on owners. These…

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Roosevelt Investments provides timely webinar

By Funeral Director Daily / July 19, 2022 /
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It doesn’t matter where you are on the death care employment scale — whether being a supplier, a funeral home owner, an employee, or even a retired person from the profession, virtually everybody has a retirement account and wants to be informed enough to make the proper decisions for its growth.  We are fortunate to…

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Do you know the results

By Funeral Director Daily / February 12, 2021 /

Many of the decisions that have been made over the years in business have been made by “gut feel”.  Lots of business people, including those in the funeral business, have made lots of money by following their hunches.  I was a little bit like that as in the 1980’s I didn’t have a lot of…

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