StoneMor Opinion from Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha put out an article today written by The Growth Path Guru that questions StoneMor’s ability to increase sales and also tries to figure out where the cash for future distributions will come from.  It also suggests that StoneMor is being questioned by the SEC on some issues.

Funeral Director Daily take:  I’ve said before I was a one-time stockholder in this company and it always seemed that they distributed more cash than they had in earnings.  Even I know that is something that cannot continue forever.

The stock, as of Friday, closed at $6.24 per share — not its 52-week low, but a long way from the $25.56 which represents it 52-week high.  It is also paying a dividend of $1.32 annually which would equal a 21.15% return.  Common sense just tells us that something has to give.  According to the E-Trade Smart Consensus, the stock is rated a “Sell”.

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