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Potential mandatory cremation causing stir in Great Britain coronavirus bill

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According to this article from ARY News, the Great Britain drafted emergency Coronavirus Bill 2019-21, it is said to allow designated local authorities to disregard section 46(3) of the Public Health Act of 1984.  That section is designed to prevent a public authority to be able to cremate a body against the wishes of the deceased.

Again, according to the article, the proposed bill has caused people in religious communities that may not prefer cremation to rally opposition.  They stand by their opinion that the bill needs to “reflect the human rights of the religious minorities.”

In particular, opponents of the bill include those of the Muslim and Jewish faiths.

Member of Parliament Naz Shah said that she is aware of those communities and their beliefs on cremation and says “she will present a well-rounded opposition to the clause in the next session of parliament.”

RelatedHere is an article that describes the efforts of the Muslim community as it pertains to the bill.

Funeral Director Daily take:  This is the time that we live in.  I’ve told my wife several times in the last week that I’m grateful I’m not the one making decisions for these types of policies.  Back when I was on the potential H1N1 Minnesota task force in about 2008 we had these types of discussions.  I’m so glad that that threat passed without having to make those gut-wrenching decisions.  It should make all of us stop and appreciate those who are now in those positions that have to make these types of decisions at this time. . . I can guarantee you, it is no fun for them.  And my guess is. . . that they are doing the best they can with the information that is available to them at the time.

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