Parting Stone receives New Mexico Local Economic Development Act money for expansion

Parting Stone, the company that has pioneered the “solidified remains” method for cremated remains was informed by New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham that they had received $150,000 from the state’s Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) to grow their employment numbers in their Santa Fe facility.

In the press release from the Governor’s office that you can read here, Gov. Lujan Grisham states, “The vision for Parting Stone and the technology that is driving this company are home-grown, developed with New Mexico resources and talent.  This investment will boost Parting Stone to a new level so it can offer this comforting service to more families across the country and bring opportunity and jobs to New Mexico.” 

According to the press release, “The State of New Mexico is pledging $150,000 from the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) so Parting Stone can grow from 20 to 109 employees with an average salary of $48,000 at its Santa Fe facility. The City of Santa Fe is serving as the fiscal agent for the grant and pledging an additional $25,000 of local LEDA economic assistance, pending review and approval by the Santa Fe City Council. ”

Santa Fe Mayor Allan Webber made the following comment, “Parting Stone has done a brilliant job of recognizing a deep human need and developing an important business to meet that need, sensitively and artfully.  This business is a Santa Fe success story and a testimony to the entrepreneurial talent in our community. We’re eager to continue celebrating their success and working alongside them to support their continued growth.” 

Parting Stone and its product of “Solidified remains” was created by Justin Crowe who now has partnered with about 600 funeral homes across the United States and Canada in offering the product as an alternative to ashes as the final product of cremation.

Tom Antram of the Albuquerque-based French Funerals said, “Our team at French has seen the impact that Parting Stone is having with New Mexico families. Their alternative to cremated remains has given the families we serve a way to memorialize their loved ones. Solidified remains by Parting Stone is one of the most promising new options emerging in our profession of death care for both humans and pets.”

For more information on Parting Stone click here.

Disclosure — The author of this article is a shareholder of Parting Stone, Inc.

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