Park Lawn Corp adds to Colorado holdings through acquisition



A press release dated Tuesday, February 20, 2024, announced that the Park Lawn Corporation had acquired two stand-alone funeral homes and a stand-alone cemetery in the state of Colorado.  You can read the press release here.


Park Lawn Corporation announced that “it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Crippin Funeral Home located in Montrose, Colorado; Gunnison Funeral Services located in Gunnison, Colorado; and Grand View Cemetery located in Montrose, Colorado”.


Here is the current website of the Crippin Funeral Home in Montrose, Colorado.


Brad Green
Park Lawn CEO

In a prepared statement for the press release, Park Lawn Corporation CEO J. Bradley Green made these comments, “We are delighted to further expand our operating presence in the State of Colorado through the strategic acquisition of the Crippin businesses.  These outstanding businesses will be an excellent addition to our existing portfolio of high-quality businesses in Colorado, and we are honored to welcome the Crippin businesses and their teams into the Park Lawn family.”


According to the press release, this transaction will bring to Park Lawn Corporation:

  • approximately 576 calls per year
  • approximately 85 cemetery placements per year
  • an approximate EBITDA addition of over $US 700,000 per year


Funeral Director Daily take:  When you look at the map of Park Lawn Corporation locations it becomes apparent that the Colorado market is one that they deem valuable.


Here is a map of Park Lawn Corporation business sites according to their website.


According to the Park Lawn Corporation website they now operate 175 funeral homes and 75 cemeteries which are located in 17 states and 3 Canadian provinces.


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