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It seems that many of our readers are interested in how the public companies around the world that deal in the Death Care businesses are doing. . . .And, it also appears that they crave any information that they can find on these companies.


Since there are not too many of these companies and Death Care is not followed quite like the Magnificent Seven when we find some news pertaining to Death Care companies we like to get it out to our readers.  Here’s a couple of short articles that have appeared in January 2024 that we offer not comment or opinion on but leave for our readers to look at for themselves.  We have included a couple of quotations from each article just to wet your appetite!



Propel Funeral Partners — this write up is from an article entitled Tim Boreham’s 12 of the Best Australian Small Cap stocks for 2024″.

  • “Propel’s investment appeal has been enhanced because it’s now the only ASX-listed deathcare exponent.”
  • “As with its rivals, Propel has been troubled by labour costs, but these pressures are abating.”
  • “Propel reported revenue of $168.5 million for the full year to June 30, up 16 per cent with operating profit spurting 18 per cent to $20.9 million.”



Carriage Services — the information we forward to you today comes from a Seeking Alpha article written by Gytis Zizys and entitled “Carriage Services:  Share price needs to come down or Financials improve”.


  • “Carriage Services’ financials show a high debt load, posing risks and lowering its intrinsic valuation.”
  • “The company is aware of its overindulgence of debt and came up with a plan to improve its position with the announcement of the High Performance and Credit Profile Restoration Plan, which focuses on paying down debt and reducing leverage to a more acceptable level.”
  • “Overall, the company seems to be a stable one, with unfortunately too high of a debt load, which makes me more cautious. If the company achieves its short-term goals and manages to reduce its debt significantly without adding even more of it due to acquisitions, the company could be holding value.”


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