Matthews International and the “Call to the Hall”


I’m a baseball fan and if you are a baseball player there is nothing so crowning to one’s career as what is termed as the “Call to The Hall”.  That phrase is known in baseball circles as what happens when an incredible talented player, coach, or other baseball executive is notified by the Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF) that they have been inducted into our national pastime’s Hall of Fame.


I live in Minnesota and one of our own, Joe Mauer, received that call earlier in January.  Mauer was notified that he was voted into baseball immortality and will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame come this summer.


It also reminded me that one of our own Death Care companies, Matthews International, has been getting the “Call to The Hall” since 1983 when its Memorialization Division first started crafting the bronze plaques of each HOF inductee.  While I don’t actually know if Matthews is still selected to do this honor, this dated article from the Hall of Fame, let’s us know of their previous involvement.


And this short video entitled “Creating the Hall of Fame plaques with Matthews International” put out by the Baseball Hall of Fame shows the people at Matthews International going about the process of creating these plaques.  I think you will agree as one of the people commenting on the video does when he says, “Very cool behind the scenes look“.


So when you see all the hoopla about this summer’s induction ceremony of Mauer and the rest of the 2024 HOF class, be reminded that our greater Death Care community has a role in this memorialization of baseball’s greats!!!


Here’s a look at Matthews International’s Memorialization unit.


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