Have You Seen Coffin in a Box?

My wife and I enjoy going through the Ikea store near Mall of America in the Minneapolis suburbs.  Virtually everything we find there is not only modern and up to date, but we can purchase it for a discount in a box, bring it home, and put it together.  We not only get a great piece of furniture but we save money to boot.

I recently discovered a company from the Netherlands – Coffin in a Box – that produces a coffin (a death receptacle with tapering sides as compared to caskets where the form is rectangular) in a unique way that can be shipped in a cardboard box to anywhere in the world and the purchaser – after a little do it yourself work –  can have a functioning coffin for a fairly low price.  You can go to the web-site here and see the entire catalog of products that Coffin in a Box offers ranging from approximately $US 420 to about $US 550.

While I have not seen a Coffin in a Box in person, the web-site does say that they can be buried or cremated and are engineered for the task of carrying a deceased person.  They offer, not only bland regular coffins, but lifestyle choice coffins as well.

This is an interesting product and it is probably just a matter of time before someone in the United States produces something of the same type of technology – if they are not doing it already and I am unaware of such.  With the state of the business being “individuality” it is not inconceivable that a product such as this could catch on – especially since the price to the consumer reflects the price whereby the unit could be used for either earth burial or cremation.

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  1. Judith Zylstra on May 11, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    What material is the “coffin in a box” itself made of? Is it biodegradable? Considered acceptable by typical American cemeteries? What about cemeteries state-approved for providing “natural burials” of peoples’ bodies into the earth (no embalming or vaults required)?

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