Cressy Memorial becomes first Funeral Director Daily sponsor

Cressy Memorial, an Indiana based group that operates as a sales and marketing agency for industry manufacturers, has become the very first sponsor of Funeral Director Daily.  You can see a photo of one of their products, the Crowne Vault, in the upper right hand corner of every page of Funeral Director Daily.

In 2006, Cressy Memorial saw a need for a less expensive urn vault.  They believed the “high end vault market” was saturated but that the market was missing an affordable, sturdy and attractive urn vault which would help ease burial expenses for families.

Many families prefer Crown Vaults because they are attractive and provide a comforting “last look”.  Families like the variety of ways allowed to memorialize a loved one — including memorabilia, adding signatures, last thoughts or painted scenes plus decals or medallions.  In addition, the easy to carry – by fingers or hands method – is much appreciated over the “wrap your arms around it” type of vaults on the market.

Cemeterians also appreciate that the light weight Crowne Vaults help keep their employees safe from accidents or back injuries from lifting heavy concrete.  Crowne Vaults are easy to inter (by one person) or to disinter.  As this certified WBENC majority women-owned business has grown, more sizes and colors were added.  Standard colors are white or gray. The pink and blue colors are comforting in occasions of infant or child need and the pink color can also be used for a breast cancer tribute.  You can learn more about Crown Vaults here.

You can learn more about Cressy Memorial here.

Funeral Director Daily take:  We are excited that the people at Cressy Memorial and Crowne Vault have the faith in us to align their product with Funeral Director Daily.  It has been a 2-year journey in operating this blog for me. . . . mostly out of love for the profession where I earned my living. . . but also with a sense of giving something back to the industry and helping to give younger death care professionals a sense of what we dealt with coming thru the ranks.

I have covered all the expenses of this blog in addition to doing the writing.  I am just so humbled that there are those out there who find value from my thoughts – and the value of passing them on to others to learn from – that they will help with the costs involved.  Thank you Cressy Memorial.  Your encouragement is part of what keeps me going.

If there are others out there who would like to help sponsor Funeral Director Daily please contact me and maybe we can work something out.

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