CLA’s economic advice for 2023: Ignore the Headlines


Our friends at Clifton Larson Allen have sent out a short white paper entitled “2023 Economic Outlook:  Ignore the Headlines”.  You can access the paper here.


The white paper lists three key insights for businesses to consider:

  1. Will there be a recession or not?
  2. There will be both Tailwind and Headwind economic indicators
  3. There will be opportunity to benefit from an economic recovery.


For businesses, the Clifton Larson Allen experts suggest:

  1. Continue to manage your business as you have
  2. Focus on technology to drive efficiencies and maintain margins.  Also, consider outsourcing to save on labor
  3. Maintain sufficient liquidity in case of a “cash crunch” brought on by tightening credit conditions


The paper is a really good short read and also lists the possible headwinds and tailwinds that we may see in the economic environment.  It also goes into giving some advice for individual investors.


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