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Children’s Funeral Fund of England going strong into first year

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This press release tells of the acceptance and usage of the Children’s Funeral Fund of England (CFF) which came into force in that country on July 23, 2019.  So, the statistics documented in this report take into consideration a time period of about 8 months.

The CFF was established to “provide bereaved parents with valuable practical support at a very difficult time.  The program aims to reduce the financial burden for families by reimbursing burial and cremation authorities, and funeral directors directly.”

The report by the Ministry of Justice covering those eight months tells us that over 1,000 families have made use of the fund since last July.  The report also spells out the fact that over US $ 652,000 has been paid out on behalf of bereaving families.

The report also tells that “every yar in England an estimated 3,800 children die under the age of 18, and there are a further 2,700 stillbirths.  The Ministry of Justice wants to help as many people as possible who find themselves in such a devastating circumstance, and continues to improve awareness f the fund.”

Again, according to the press release:

  • Under the fund arrangements, no bereaved family will have to pay the fees charged for a child’s cremation or burial or for a number of prescribed associated expenses.
  • The program also provides for funeral directors to apply for reimbursement of certain associated expenses, including a US $390 contribution towards the price of a coffin (casket).
  • The only conditions of the program are that the child is under 18 at the time of death or is a stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy, that the burial or cremation takes place in England, and the claim is submitted no later than 6 months after the funeral.
  • The program is not means tested.

Funeral Director Daily take:  Governments all over the world make decisions on how they are going to spend taxpayer money.  There is a lot of competition for all kinds of differing projects for those dollars.  From my point of view, this is an incredible compassionate use of that money. . .and money that I believe is well spent.

When you think about the numbers. . . over 1000 users and $652,000 (U.S.) spent. . .that comes to a total of about $652 (U.S.) per case.  That is hardly a large sum of money per case, but when you think that those that lose children, and especially stillborn children, tend to be young adults and more than likely don’t have savings built up like many older family members, that amount is probably an incredible help to them.

And when you consider that the statistics cited above indicate that of those eligible, over 40% come from stillbirths it shows a government acknowledgment,  compassion, and acceptance of that loss, too.

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