CBS commits to funeral home based comedy series pilot

You can read this article from Variety that informs its readers that CBS has agreed to a commitment for a series pilot to be filmed using a family owned funeral home as the backdrop.

The series is currently titled “Fun”  – as in “You can’t spell funeral without f-u-n.”  In the sit-com a brother of a female funeral home owner returns home to help his sister run the struggling business.

According to Variety, the sit-com will star former “Ugly Betty” co-stars Becki Newton and Michael Urie as the sister/brother.  Michael Patrick King, the co-creator of “2 Broke Girls” will be will be the writer and Warner Brothers Television will produce.

More from the entertainment realmHere is a short article and a podcast about Chris Meyer.  Meyer is a lawyer and worked as a hollywood writer before he purchased a funeral home that he has operated for over 14 years.

Meyer’s funeral home experience has moved him to write a new book entitled, “Life in 20 Lessons: What a Funeral Guy Discovered about Life from Death”.  The article states that the book is somewhat of a combination between “This is My Life” and “Tuesdays with Morrie”.

From the linked article you can get connected to a podcast with an interesting interview with Meyer.

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