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Last week I had not even finished putting up Friday’s article which dealt with an acquisition when I was notified of another public company acquisition.  This time the announcement came from Carriage Services and announced its acquisition of a group of three funeral homes, two cemeteries, and a cremation center based in the Bakersfield, California, market.


According to this press release from Carriage Services, they purchased “the assets of Greenlawn Funeral Homes, Cemeteries and Cremations and Wood Family Funeral Service”.  All of the businesses are described to be in the Bakersfield, California, market.  And, when combined, they control almost 40% of the Bakersfield market share according to the same press release.


Steve Metzger, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Carriage Services, is quoted in the press release with this statement, “Greenlawn is a special business with an important legacy and deep ties with in the Bakersfield community. . . . . .  We look forward to supporting the Greenlawn team and building upon the strong foundation already in place.”  


Here is the website for Greenlawn Funeral Homes, Cremations, and Cemeteries


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