Canadian online direct cremation provider expanding

Late last year we brought you information on the Canadian on-line cremation start-up Eirene.  The company started in the Greater Toronto area and has announced in this press release that they will be expanding in Ontario.

Mallory Greene, founder and  CEO of Eirene had this to say, “We built Eirene with a conviction that Canadians need a trusted partner and seamless online service to manage cremation arrangements for their loved-one’s passing.  “In the few months since making our platform available, we served more families than anticipated, demonstrating Canadians need a dramatically different service to support them in their loved one’s passing.”

According to the press release, the Eirene system works like this. . . .”Eirene clients use the platform to arrange cremation services at the time of passing. The simple, online experience eliminates the back-and-forth paperwork and time-consuming process traditionally associated with the funeral industry. Once confirmed online, Eirene works with local crematorium and transfer partners across Ontario to ensure the deceased are safely transported from their place of passing, cremated, and the ashes returned to their families. An Eirene cremation service is available for a one-time fee of $2,500 CAD  (Us $ 1962). The platform also offers a complimentary estate administration tool for families to close accounts and notify the government along with unlimited proof of death certificates.”

Funeral Director Daily take:  As we mentioned in an earlier article, from our point of view, the Eirene system of what we call “Concierge” Direct Cremation may eventually prove to have a certain following for those families that consider more than just the lowest possible cost.  We believe that the additional cost, over competing direct cremation firms, will not be a problem for many families who don’t want to pay a high cost, but are willing to pay a “higher fee” for a more complete service.

You can access the Eirene web-site here.  We noticed, when checking, that they have implemented a chat service to help guide consumers that may have questions.  We think that is a good idea and an area that once families get to the web-site, Eirene can use to differentiate their services and show cause for a slightly higher price.

Related:  We also found this document interesting.  It is the Bereavement Authority of Canada’s “Value for Money Audit” in relation to the pricing and transparency of pricing in the death care profession across Canada.  It is current as the date is that of December 2020.  Here is a shorter summary version of their findings.

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