Burnout: Try to avoid it through a proper work-life balance



I find it very interesting in that once I pick out an article for the day that other resources about the subject just seem to pop out to me and make me notice them when I have not noticed them in the past.  I don’t know why it happens, but it does seem to happen more often than would make it coincidental.


This morning’s Funeral Director Daily article dealt with the growing issue of funeral director “Burnout”.  I explained some reasoning why some people believe it is happening more and more often and then gave a couple of suggestions where one might learn more about it. . . and how to make it less stressful in one’s life.


In any regards, I had hardly finished that article for future publication when on Tuesday morning my inbox with information from The Hustle brought about the idea of “Burnout” with an article entitled, “How to Optimize your work-life Integration“.  It is not an article about the death care profession, but one about the effects of “Burnout” in general and specifically how to avoid getting to that point in the first place.


Tom Anderson
Funeral Director Daily

The first sentence of the article hit home to me, “Many business owners don’t get the luxury of ‘clocking out’ at the end of their day”.  As a funeral director I don’t know how many times I felt like that. . . . today’s work was over, but I was already worried about my work load — preparations, casketing, conducting funerals, and whatever the overnight hours might bring — that the next day was already promising as a work load.


Here’s the article. . . . it has suggestions for work-life balance as well as some suggestions on how to foster a work-life integration in the workplace.


I hope you enjoy the read.  Sometimes it feels that as funeral directors we just don’t get the opportunity to slow-down and simply be grateful for where we are and how we are helping other people.  Maybe simply having that time for reflection on how we are helping others may be enough to keep us from a work-load burnout.  Try to slow-down once in a while and simply “Smell the Roses” about why we should be grateful for our families, for our work, for our health, and for all the other good things we are provided. . . . . I know that doing that, and giving “Thanks” for that, always seemed to give me a “re-set” and put me in the proper perspective to go about the hard work of helping families again.



Related –– It has happened again. . . . As I was writing this article a press release for a course entitled “Life hacks for Everyday Life” hit my inbox.  The release came from the Institute for Exeptional Funeral Service and was promoting a class that was described in the following way:


As a funeral professional, your passion is to serve your client families before, during and after their loss. This is noble work. However, it also can be draining work. Now more than ever funeral professionals need strategies to help fight burnout, reduce stress and build resilience. Learn a fresh approach to regaining control. Give yourself a boost for a more productive day mentally and physically. Simple ideas that are easy to implement will help you regain your balance.”


The course begins on June 5 and is a flexible, self-paced course.  It is instructed by licensed funeral director and trainer Lacy Robinson.  According to the promotional material the course carries with it 8 CEUs.  To learn more about this course you can click here.


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