Oberlin-Turnbull add Hicksville chapel

The Oberlin-Turnbull Funeral Homes, which serve northwest Ohio and northeast Indiana, recently announced the acquisition of the Smith & Brown Funeral Home of Hicksville, Ohio, as their sixth operating chapel.

According to the Oberlin-Turnbull Funeral Home and Crematory web-site the company has a history back to 1922 when it was known as the Oberlin-Ford Funeral Home.  Today’s funeral home continues to have Cliff Oberlin as a 3rd generation funeral director on duty.

Again, according to the company website, Tom Turnbull became a partner in 2009 and all of the funeral homes were re-named under the Oberlin-Turnbull brand.  Turnbull’s son, Caleb, has became a 2nd generation Turnbull family member employed as a funeral director.

You can view the company’s web-site here.

Funeral Director Daily take:  In today’s era of funeral home operations we believe, and have said so here, that demographics are a key to continuing success.  From our view point, this acquisition, and ones by the company prior to it, shows the way methodical growth should happen.

If you want to continue to be relative in the death care business in smaller communities, we think it is imperative that you keep expanding your service area and, many times, the best way to do that is through acquisitions.

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