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Inflation, wages, and turkeys. Connecting the dots can help your funeral home strategy.

Being retired has its advantages.  I spend a little time every day reading three electronically delivered economy or financial focused newsletters I subscribe to.  I then like to interpret and extrapolate the information that I get from them and use it in my personal financial decisions as well as my managerial decisions for the companies I am still involved with.  I not only enjoy the exercise, but I find it valuable. Yesterday, the subscriptions let me to this article from […]

Afternoon Edition

Spotting trends. . . and wondering will they affect funeral service?

Editor’s Note:  I apologize for the tardiness of this article today.  This post was scheduled to go out as usual at 4 am Eastern Time, but for some reason, technology failed us.  Enjoy some thoughts to think about as we move into the weekend. My first trip to Europe in 1991 reminds me that I’m wrong lots of times with my instincts.  I chuckle when I think of it now, but at one of my first dinners in Germany I […]