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How direct cremation pioneer Pure Cremation has disrupted the UK’s funeral industry

*Re-printed with permission from Pure Cremation. Before 2015 the funeral industry in Great Britain still looked and felt very Victorian. Most ceremonies were still rooted in 200-year old traditions and any deviation from the norm was frowned upon by both funeral directors and mourners. However, this was set to change when veteran undertaker Bryan Powell along with his wife Catherine encountered a few people unwilling to accept the default format because it did not suit the deceased’s worldview and lifestyle […]


United Kingdom to regulate funeral plans

In the United Kingdom, sales of pre-need funeral plans has soared nearly 200% in the last dozen years.  Driven by the increasing competition between the largest players in that country’s death care industry, Dignity Plc, and Co-op Funeralcare, the government has determined that it must “crack-down” on high-pressure and misleading tactics in the sale of funeral plans. In this article from Reuters you can read of the government’s plan to regulate the pre-paid sector for the first time to ensure […]

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Does Pure Cremation Have it Right?

According to an article from the United Kingdom’s Telegraph which you can read here, funeral director Catherine Powell encountered a family a few years ago that explicitly said all they wanted was a cremation with the ashes returned to them.  Nothing more.  Powell complied and the customer was very pleased. Powell remembers thinking that if that family wanted it that way, maybe more families do, but don’t know it.  Powell’s funeral home tested out the concept by offering their simple […]

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Pure Cremation Secures $10 million in Venture Financing

Pure Cremation, the company that was started in the United Kingdom in 2015 recently announced that it will have received a total of US $10 million in funding for its low cost model of simple cremations following death.  According to this article from Evening Express which you can read here, Elliot Kaye, an investment director at Puma Investments said this of the company, “his firm is putting money behind what he hopes is a winning combination of an experienced management […]