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Cemetery Cremation

The importance of permanent memorialization

The pyramids in Egypt were built to give permanent memorialization to the rulers of that land.  The tomb of the 13th Disciple to Christ, Matthias, can be seen to give credence to his life.  George Washington, known by many as the Father of America has a burial site at his Mount Vernon home. However, there can be no doubt that we are on a trend line to make permanent memorialization an afterthought to human life.  And, I think that is […]


The dead rising?

Regardless what your personal views are on climate change, we found this article from the E & E News that explains that there have been a lot more cemeteries that have seen problems from rising water and what E & E determines is climate change in the last couple of years. The article starts off with this first two sentences.  “The dead rise in Louisiana.  All it takes is some floodwater.” The article continues with this paragraph.  “People in this […]