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Tattoo preservation becoming more mainstream

If you haven’t noticed that families are continuing to look for new ways to memorialize their loved ones you haven’t been looking.  For many of us casketed burial with a monument for memorialization may be what we want or columbarium sheltering of cremated remains in a cemetery with memorialization recognition may be what we want.  That’s the way memorialization has historically been done. . . . But the new generation of mourners is looking for ways to memorialize loved ones […]

Business Products

Tattoo removal and preservation. . . another revenue source for your funeral home?

I heard about this process almost a year ago but did not really know enough to write on the subject until I came across this article from The Telegraph, a publication of Hearst Media. The process that I refer to is that of tattoo removal from a deceased body.  As it turns out there are those who have tattoos who would like to have them preserved after their time of death.  And, it is not only the bearer of the […]