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The opportunity for the “Not so Big” funeral business across North America

We commented on an article about what an author called “Big Funeral” in last Friday’s edition of Funeral Director Daily.  While I told you I didn’t agree with much of the article from Wired, I thought it was a pretty good read and, at least, one author’s not so great opinion of the death care profession. The article, and some of its reference points, made me do a little more research on “What is the state of funeral homes in […]


When Opportunity Knocks . . . .

I noticed a couple of articles in the last couple of days about ownership at single proprietor funeral homes that are changing hands.  What struck me about the articles is that as you go through living your life, you really need to be ready to answer the door when an opportunity knocks. The first article that you can read here is more typical about how an employee funeral director can get into the business of owning his own funeral home.  […]