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Some History and Investment Perspective on Service Corporation International

I’m a buy and hold investor and enjoy learning about companies that over time will bring a nice positive return to my portfolio. I also like to learn as much as I can about companies and those in the death care industry give me added perspective — I always try to learn what they are doing right and apply it to my own business.  Many times I learned valuable lessons – that I put to work right at home – […]


Service Corporation International Rolling Along

Just the other day an article on SeekingAlpha.com came out reporting on the status of public funeral home consolidator Service Corporation International (SCI).  As I’ve said before I’ve always kept up with the public companies in the death care industry because by following them I’ve learned things that have improved my own small business. I would suggest that you read the entire article on SeekingAlpha.com but here are some of the highlights that I gleaned from the article. SCI has […]