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SCI Keeps Chugging Along

Death care public company and industry leader Service Corporation International announced 3rd Quarter results yesterday and with the announcement came earnings news of $0.37 per share for the quarter compared to $0.29 per share in the same quarter one year ago.  Total revenues, which include acquisitions, are up for the quarter to over $778 million as compared to last year’s quarterly revenues of $731 million — an increase of 6.5%.  For the 2018 year’s first nine months total revenues are […]


Funeral Home Firms announce Dividends

Last week public market funeral home and cemetery operators Park Lawn Corporation and Carriage Services made announcements about their dividends to stockholders going forward. In an article that you can read here Park Lawn Corporation announced that they will be paying a monthly dividend in November of $C 0.038 per share – which on an annual basis would equal $C 0.046 per share.  This is unchanged from last month’s dividend.  The Park Lawn stock price was at $C 23.75 on […]


A Tale of Two Stocks

Much like many of you, I’m an amateur investor that likes to watch what is happening to public sector stocks in the death care industry.  Today I’m going to take a look at a couple of stocks that I own in the industry – Service Corporation International and Carriage Services — and try to deduce what has led to their divergent fortunes of the stock prices in the past year. First of all when you look at the companies, they […]


Business Monday

A lot happened at the end of last week in the Death Care industry and we will try to give you just a little idea of that as we catch up from over the weekend. StoneMor Partners, L.P. announced in this press release that they will be announcing a corporate transition from a Master Limited Partnership to a Delaware “C” Corporation.  According to the press release they have entered into a definitive agreement that will result in this newly created […]


Cremation Monday

If you are or have been in the death care business for any length of time you can relate to all the talk about the popularity of cremation gaining in the last twenty years and at an incredible pace for the past 5-7 years.  All of us know of the issues that lower revenue per case, particularly from direct cremation as compared to earth burial, are causing in the funeral industry. This weekend, however, when I was looking for material […]


Inside the Numbers at SCI

Earlier this week Service Corporation International posted their 2nd Quarter results, which you can see in a company press release here, and we told you that we would analyze them and report our impressions.  There is nothing that surprises us with the SCI results, more so, they reinforce what we believe is the direction of the consumer movement in death care moving forward. Here is some of what we found and why we believe it shows a consumer reinforcement of […]


Service Corporation Reports 2Q 2018 Results

Service Corporation International, the largest of the funeral service conglomerate public companies, reported 2nd Quarter 2018 financial results yesterday.  You can read their press release and see the numbers here. SCI announced earnings per share of $0.44 versus analysts estimates of $0.43 per share.  They also announced 2nd quarter revenue of $796 million as compared to 2017’s 2nd quarter revenue of $773 million – an increase of roughly 3.0%. The company also announced a “comparable” revenue or “same store” revenue […]


Matthews International Reports Good, but Mixed Results

Matthews International, a death care conglomerate with operations in crematory equipment, bronze memorialization products, and caskets, reported their 3rd Quarter 2018 fiscal year results yesterday.  You can read their press release here. Their report can be summed up by increased total sales – albeit not to the extent that they had predicted, but a beat on the earnings as the consensus of analysts expected earnings of $1.14 per share and Matthews delivered earnings of $1.16 per share. As the company […]


Is Your Funeral Home a Growth Industry?

In my opinion, when I look for something to invest in, I gauge the safety of the investment as well as the possible return and then make a decision if the balance is there between the two.  I also look at two sides of an equity investment as the potential for growth (as defined by an increase in value) and the other side of yield (as in dividends or interest payments). My dad used to talk to me about his […]