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Weekend Edition: SCI receives economic development aid, a difference of opinion in Winnipeg, a preneed ratings downgrade

It is somewhat unbelievable to me how fast we have moved from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but here we are.  Among the American debate, many schools are opening, the election is soon here, and the one constant is that those in the funeral profession continue to give comfort and guidance to those in need. Today’s edition brings you three features including plans by Service Corporation International to greatly expand its New Orleans based accounting operations, a funeral home owner […]


Service Corporation reports 2nd quarter. . . cemetery preneed impressive

North America’s largest public purveyor of death care services, Service Corporation International (SCI), released its 2nd Quarter 2020 results on Wednesday.  In a nutshell, they produced somewhat better than what was expected results in this COVID-19 environment.  You can read their full 2Q 2020 report here. SCI reported revenues for the quarter of $820 million as compared to the same quarter in 2019 when they reported revenues of $812.6 million. On that revenue the company produced $182.3 million in operating […]


Carriage Services announces Buffalo, New York acquisition

Carriage Services, the public company death care consolidator and operator based out of Houston, Texas, announced last week that they had made a major acquisition in the Buffalo, New York, market.  In this press release you can read from Yahoo Finance, the company announced that they had acquired the four locations of the Lombardo Funeral Homes in the Buffalo market. According to the release, the firm is a 3rd generation firm, operated since 1984 by Joseph P. Lombardo, the grandson […]


Earnings Week is Here

I’ve told readers many times that while I owned and operated a small funeral home – one that grew from 140 calls to about 325 calls – I always learned by reading and watching what the “Big Boys” in our industry were up to.  That meant, over the years, buying some stock and reading annual reports on Service Corporation International, Carriage Services, Stewart Enterprises, The Loewen Group, Hillenbrand Industries, and other public companies that came and went in the industry. […]