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Creating Death Care “Search Ads” that get the click

By Funeral Director Daily / June 14, 2022 /

Every death care company is looking for ways to draw potential consumers to their online presence in order to engage them before they become clients of another death care company.  We decided to ask industry expert Welton Hong for some tips on how funeral homes can get that “extra reach” that may be able to…

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There is still value in radio ads for funeral homes

By Funeral Director Daily / October 20, 2021 /

The Radio Advertising Landscape for Funeral Homes By Welton Hong   There are about 15,500 radio stations in the United States. Combined, they have an enormous audience: About 90% of the people in the country of almost any age listen to radio at least monthly. That makes radio a great place for funeral service advertising,…

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Welton Hong: “Putting your Marketing Money into the Community”

By Funeral Director Daily / September 1, 2021 /

Editor’s Note:  Today we bring you some information on marketing your funeral business in your own community.  This article is written by funeral industry marketing expert, Welton Hong.  Let’s look at local marketing opportunities that generate community goodwill while also getting your funeral home’s name out there. Here are some ideas to consider:  Sponsor a…

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Learning from the Experts: Welton Hong of Ring Ring Marketing

By Funeral Director Daily / June 28, 2021 /

From time to time, Funeral Director Daily asks experts in their field to author articles that we believe may be helpful to our readers.  In today’s world virtually every funeral home has a website.  However, having a website is not adequate anymore. . . . . knowing what that website can do for your business…

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Death Care professionals: News you can use

By Funeral Director Daily / May 9, 2020 /

Funeral Director Daily today brings you a rare weekend edition of our news blog.  We do so simply because one of the webinars available through the National Funeral Directors Association is on Monday morning and we wanted you to have ample time to consider registering and blocking off an hour of your morning to watch,…

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