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California Assembly gets human composting bill

In this article from the Los Angeles Times you can read about Assembly Bill 2592 (AB2592)  that was recently introduced by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia.  AB2592 would, if passed and signed into law, allow for human composting in the state of California as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial or cremation. Human recomposition was passed into law in the state of Washington last year and will take effect on May 1.  It also has parties interested in its passage into law […]


Some things we found interesting in 2019

There has been a lot of news in the death care profession in 2019.  There is always the finance news and what is happening with the public companies on the merger and acquisition front.  And, this year we are seeing the fight that StoneMor Partners is putting up to try to become relevant in the funeral, cemetery, and memorial business once again. As we move through January we will give our opinions on what is happening in what I term […]

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Recompose sets sights on Colorado

Recompose, the public benefits corporation that is moving the process of recomposition (human composting) into the commercial realm recently held a forum at the Feldman Mortuary in Denver, Colorado.  The forum was used to introduce the idea of recomposition to the Colorado market and also to announce that two Colorado legislators plan to introduce a bill in the next assembly that would legalize the process in the state. According to this article and news story from Channel 4 – CBS […]


Recompose moving forward

Recompose, the private company that has been established to become the first company to use “human composting” as a method of final disposition is continuing to move ahead with their plans.  There is a very good article that we found in the Seattle Times, that you can read here, that makes note of the fact that the company has found a location for its first commercial site. The article, which we found very informative, lists the steps that Recompose founder […]


Washington State legislature to consider Alkaline hydrolysis, recomposition

An article from the Seattle Times that you can read here mentions that the State of Washington currently has only two lawful means of disposition of human remains — burial and cremation.  State Senator Jamie Pedersen intends to ask the legislature to double the number of ways by introducing a bill in the next session that would rewrite the state code to allow alkaline hydrolysis and recomposition. Alkaline hydrolysis is familiar to most and now allowed in several states but […]