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Death care start-ups Recompose and Pure Cremation keep moving forward

New ideas come to the forefront in all industries from time to time.  Some never get going, some ideas stagnate, but it is really exciting when you see some ideas and concepts catch a tailwind and continue to move forward. In the last couple of weeks we have seen news from two death care start-ups, Seattle’s Recompose and Great Britain’s Pure Cremation, that make us believe that their masts are billowing with some wind behind the sails. Recompose, the original […]


Pure Cremation unveils new advertising spots

Only about a week ago Funeral Director Daily brought to our readers some new promotional spots by direct cremation start-up Solace.  We told you that we liked them and then linked them for you to view.  You can see that article here. We also told you in that article that we have been big fans of the apparent business plan and execution of such for the United Kingdom’s Pure Cremation.  We added links to their thoughtful ads promoting direct cremation […]

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How direct cremation pioneer Pure Cremation has disrupted the UK’s funeral industry

*Re-printed with permission from Pure Cremation. Before 2015 the funeral industry in Great Britain still looked and felt very Victorian. Most ceremonies were still rooted in 200-year old traditions and any deviation from the norm was frowned upon by both funeral directors and mourners. However, this was set to change when veteran undertaker Bryan Powell along with his wife Catherine encountered a few people unwilling to accept the default format because it did not suit the deceased’s worldview and lifestyle […]


Pure Cremation donates television airtime to hospice

We were informed in this public relations article from Agility PR Solutions that the United Kingdom’s leading dedicated provider of direct cremations, Pure Cremation, has donated paid-up television air time to the Marie Curie’s organization.  One of Marie Curie’s non-profit endeavors is to provide end of life care. According to the release, “The end of life charity has seen its income streams decimated due to the cancellation of fundraising events across the UK.”  Esther Jackson, Marie Curie’s Marketing and Communications […]


Bloomberg: Price War to hit UK Funeral Sector

In an article published earlier today on Bloomberg.com that you can read here, it is reported that the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) of Great Britain report that “price increases over the past decade, particularly by larger chains, can’t be justified by higher costs or quality improvements”.  The CMA goes on to suggest a proposal for a major probe into the industry by a CMA panel. Earlier this year, Dignity PLC, the largest player in the UK funeral market, reduced […]

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Does Pure Cremation Have it Right?

According to an article from the United Kingdom’s Telegraph which you can read here, funeral director Catherine Powell encountered a family a few years ago that explicitly said all they wanted was a cremation with the ashes returned to them.  Nothing more.  Powell complied and the customer was very pleased. Powell remembers thinking that if that family wanted it that way, maybe more families do, but don’t know it.  Powell’s funeral home tested out the concept by offering their simple […]

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Pure Cremation Secures $10 million in Venture Financing

Pure Cremation, the company that was started in the United Kingdom in 2015 recently announced that it will have received a total of US $10 million in funding for its low cost model of simple cremations following death.  According to this article from Evening Express which you can read here, Elliot Kaye, an investment director at Puma Investments said this of the company, “his firm is putting money behind what he hopes is a winning combination of an experienced management […]


No Mourners, No Ceremony, No Fuss

Church Times, a publication in Great Britain, came out with what I thought was a truly thought provoking article last week concerning the growing trend of direct cremation and what that means for the greater church going forward.  You can read the article here. In essence they talked about the change in society from what at one time was even poor people saving money for a “nice” funeral so that their family  would not be shamed by a “pauper’s funeral”.  […]