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Security National sees death claims “level off” and announces relationship with Live Oak Bank

Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC) is the last of our seven companies that comprise the Death Care Index (DCI) to report financial numbers for the April thru June 2022 period. . . which they did last week.  You can see the SNFC press release and numbers here. As you may know, SNFC operates three divisions — two of which are of much interest to the death care profession.  Those being their Life Insurance/Preneed business and another division which they call […]


SCI’s Tom Ryan: “. . true earnings growth from funeral will require increased funeral services”

Service Corporation International (SCI) reported their 1st Quarter financial results last week and in it we found a lot of information and perspective that we believe is informative and, in our opinion, pretty good news as to how the American public is coming out of the pandemic with their actions on funeral care seemingly indicating that they are in line with how they felt prior to the pandemic. First of all, SCI’s results from the first quarter are indicative of […]


Earnings season on its way: Zacks on Service Corp

If you watched the stock market last week you would see that it bounced around a little bit.  That happens all the time dependent on world events and the business environment, but also four times per year we get in a period where public companies report the business results for the past three month period.  And, we are in that period right now. Funeral Director Daily will follow those reports as they come out and the first company to report […]


DCI indicates “Death Care” stocks left behind. . . appearance on Funeral Nation

With today being the last day in the business calendar of the first eight months of the year and April to June reports all in, I thought it might be a good time to find out where the Death Care Index is sitting in relation to the stock market in general.  The Death Care Index, or DCI, is Funeral Director Daily’s proprietary monitoring system of the death care public company financial values. The DCI is non-scientific, but represents the total […]


Security National reports 3Q and 9-month 2019 financials

Security National Financial Corporation of Utah, a public company that has operations in both the mortuary and insurance businesses reported financial numbers for their 3rd Quarter of 2019 recently.  You can read their press release on that information here. 3rd Quarter Life Insurance revenues are up slightly to $29.8 million in 2019 from $28.9 million in 2018 during the same period.  They report, however, that their Cemetery/Mortuary revenue for the 3rd quarter is down in 2019 to $3.57 million from […]


Carriage Executives on 3Q Results. . . CEO Payne hints at divestiture of some units

Last week death care public company Carriage Services reported 3rd quarter 2018 financial results.  It was the 3rd consecutive quarter that the company had came in with a report that was less than what analysts had expected. If you read the earnings report and the subsequent Call with Analysts that you can read in its entirety here, you will get the feeling that management of Carriage was not happy and are planning to roll up their sleeves and get to […]


A Transformational Time

Today we bring you a short, less than 3 minute video, and article that you can access here that has the CEO of death care conglomerate InvoCare speaking on why he believes it “is a transformational time” in the industry.  CEO Martin Earp, speaking with CNBC, talks of the major shift on how people are approaching their own funeral instead of having someone else plan it after they are gone. Earp contends in the video that people are now “hands […]