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Cremation Preneed

Preneed is the answer

This article picks up on yesterday’s discussion of what could happen as more crematories are built expanding the supply of crematories in the United States.  Yesterday’s discussion then went to the thought process and question of, “Will this excess capacity in cremation move cremation to a lower and lower retail cost as death care companies vie for the limited number of clients?” Shortly after I wrote that article I came to the conclusion that, even if that does happen, the […]


Will that be Cash, Credit, or Crowdfunding?

  About a year ago Funeral Director Daily ran an article when we learned that some people were using crowdfunding sites to help raise the money needed to pay for the memorial expenses that they chose for their loved ones.  We recently read an article in the United Kingdom’s Independent entitled, “We had to beg for money to bury mum.”  You can read the article here. The article points out the difficulty a family had when their 49 year old […]