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Propel Funeral Partners makes acquisition. . . . enters pet business

Propel Funeral Partners, billed as the 2nd largest provider of death care services in Australia and New Zealand  announced last week its acquisition of Community Funerals and Cremations for Pets.  Community Funerals operates from four locations in and around Cairns, Queensland, and was founded in 2008.  Cremations for Pets was founded in 2017. The business combination will bring about 250 funerals per year to Propel Funeral Partners and will introduce the company to the pet cremation business with about 400 […]

Afternoon Edition

CANA to present Pet Care diversification at annual convention

Some funeral homes including Australia’s largest provider of death care services InvoCare, have embraced the idea of Pet Death Care as part of their service options.  The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) will be holding their annual Cremation Innovation Convention next month in Atlanta, Georgia, and pet services will be an item for discussion. Here’s what CANA says about the session on business diversification: “Adding additional data to inform your business plans, the 2020-2021 APPA National Pet Owners Survey […]

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Is a Pet Crematory in your future?

Every week as I’m looking researching through death care articles looking for topics to write on for Funeral Director Daily I will come across an article from some United States newspaper announcing that the local funeral home has just added pet cremation services to its line of service offerings. I’ve also seen, as this article from Business News Australia and a 2020 article from Funeral Director Daily point out, Australia’s largest funeral care provider, InvoCare, purchased two chains of pet […]

Finance Preneed

InvoCare returns to profitability through pets and pre-need

Australia’s largest provider of death care services, InvoCare, issued a statement on their 2021 Year End results last week.  In that statement they announced that they had returned to profitability with an after-tax profit of AUS $ 80.2 million (US$ 57.2 million) after going through the drastic Australian lock-down year of 2020 with a loss of AUS $11.5 million (US$ 8.42 million). The company also announced that revenue grew 11% in 2021 to AUS $532.5 million (US $ 389.9 million).  […]


Schoedinger and their 10,000 calls soon to be controlled by SCI

News broke late last week that the Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service, based in Columbus, Ohio, has entered into a sale agreement with Service Corporation International (SCI) of Houston, Texas.  According to this article from the Columbus Dispatch, SCI’s closing on the ownership interest will happen this week. Schoedinger, founded in 1855 and in its 6th generation of family service is known to handle about 10,000 calls per year when combining their businesses for both humans and pets.  They operate […]

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Will pet cremation be the next “Big Thing” in the funeral home business?

Every once in a while I come across a couple of items that are sometimes related and it makes me think about potential business aspects of the items when combined together.  That recently happened to me once again — late in September I received a marketing e-mail from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) regarding “Pets and Cremation”.  And, just on Tuesday, Funeral Director Daily did an article on “Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention.” It made me wonder. . […]


Australia’s InvoCare pays US$ 36.4 million for pet cremation businesses

You can read this article from Australia’s Market Herald that announced that Australia’s largest human funeral and cremation provider finalized a deal to purchase two pet cremation business in the country for a combined price of US $36.44 million ($49.8 million in Australian dollars). We learned that last week, InvoCare, purchased Family Pet Care and Pets in Peace to add to its pet cremation brand, Patch and Purr, which it started in 2018.  According to the article, Family Pet Care, […]

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Afternoon edition: Minnesota funeral home to build new facility

This article from the Albert Lea Tribune tells us that Wells, Minnesota, funeral director Susan Nasinec and her husband Nathan, are moving forward with plans to construct a new funeral home in Wells. Nasinec told the newspaper that the couple wants to serve the community the best they can and a new building would be a big improvement. The new Bruss-Heitner Funeral Home will have up to date technology offerings, more space, and its own in-house crematory. More from the […]


Seeing more trends in pet care

Those of you who have followed this publication for any length of time know that I like to hypothesize on what I see are trends in business.  And, you’ve also seen my post sometimes in reference to serving on the board of the University of Minnesota. One of my fun things to do now is to visit about business in general with one of my board colleagues, Ken Powell, who has recently retired as the CEO and Chairman of publicly […]


The humanization of pets

2019 is soon coming to a close and I’ve thought about what has this year taught me in relation to the death care industry.  There has been mergers and acquisitions, there has been the legalization of recomposition, there has been the continued growth of the alkaline hydrolysis business and more.  However, one of the items that has really stood out to me, and one where I see incredible growth potential through existing death care operators is that of the “Humanization […]