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Will pet cremation be the next “Big Thing” in the funeral home business?

Every once in a while I come across a couple of items that are sometimes related and it makes me think about potential business aspects of the items when combined together.  That recently happened to me once again — late in September I received a marketing e-mail from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) regarding “Pets and Cremation”.  And, just on Tuesday, Funeral Director Daily did an article on “Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention.” It made me wonder. . […]


Friday around the profession

It’s Friday and we just thought that we would bring you some stories and/or news videos from around the profession to end the week.  Here is what we have for you today: Pet Loss:  This short news video story from a Texas television station tells the story of a pet crematory that has allegedly had a gas leak so that their crematories have been out of service for over a month.  Pet owners are disappointed,frustrated, and hurt, and the sheriff […]