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Checking in on the DCI. . . up over 10% year to date

The last time we checked in on Funeral Director Daily’s proprietary Death Care Index (DCI) was in this article from January 4, 2021.  At that time we noted that the stock index of companies in the death care realm had a total return (capital appreciation plus dividend) of about 6.85% for the calendar year of 2020.  We mentioned that was not as high as the returns of the NASDAQ index or the S&P 500, but it was a solid “grind […]


Park Lawn reports 3rd Quarter. . . .continued growth

Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), the funeral home and cemetery operator, with headquarters in Toronto and Houston, announced their 3rd Quarter 2020 results last week.  As a growth company, they continued to exhibit those traits — with revenue for the quarter growing to $83.7 million from last year’s 3Q revenue number of $66.5 million (all dollar amounts, unless otherwise indicated in this article are in Canadian dollar denominations).  That’s an increase of over 25% on the top line. You can access […]


Park Lawn lawsuit alleges trade secret irregularities

This article published last week from Bloomberg Law alleges that when former Park Lawn Corporation CEO Andrew Clark resigned and left the employment of the company he carried trade secrets with him to his new employer, Plot Box, Inc. The article from Bloomberg Law notes that a lawsuit was filed in a Delaware federal court on October 30, 2020.  Here’s what that article says, “the company (Park Lawn Corporation) said rival PlotBox, Inc. induced Andrew Clark to violate nondisclosure and […]


Acquisitions: Park Lawn adds South Carolina firm, others moving forward in Pennsylvania

The history of funeral directing and funeral home ownership in the United States has been one of passing the torch to the next generation of the family to carry on.  My family was no different. . . .we carried our cabinet shop, furniture store, funeral home from the 19th Century into the 21st Century.  That was a time period that spanned 141 years, from 1872 when our roots were planted until 2013 when the majority of our firm was sold […]


Zacks looks at the funeral industry, an update on the DCI

Last week Vrishali Bagree of Zacks presented an article that appeared on Nasdaq.com.  It was entitled “Rising demand keeps funeral industry going:  Four stocks to watch”.  You can read that article here. In essence the article tells that the Zacks Funeral Services industry is housed within the broader Zacks Consumer Staples sector.  According to the article, Zacks ranks 250 different industries and the Funeral Service industry ranks quite high at #25. Zacks also says this about the Funeral Services industry,  […]


Investors still reluctant with death care stocks

I happened to see that at the close of the markets Friday that funeral home and cemetery operator and consolidator Park Lawn Corporation’s stock closed down over 9% from the previous day.  I looked for news on the company but could not find anything in the public world that would cause a precipitous drop in valuation like that. What it did cause me to do was take a look at all the other death care stocks that comprise the Funeral […]


Carriage Services reports 4th Quarter and Year End 2019

  Last week funeral service and cemetery consolidator and operator Carriage Services, based in Houston, Texas, reported 4th Quarter and Year End results for 2019.  They also provided commentary on how they believe that the company will move in the next three years.  I will provide some factual information in this report but also my opinions.  Please note I am not a stockholder in Carriage Services at this time. You can access their February 19 press release related to earnings […]


Park Lawn executives comment on 3rd Quarter

Last week Park Lawn Corporation CEO Andrew Clark and CFO James Leeder commented on the company’s 3rd quarter results and also took questions from analysts about the company’s performance.  You can read the transcript here.  I have, however, taken the liberty to pull out some of the comments that we thought would be of the most interest to our readers and have made them available.  These questions and answers deal with the purchase of 10 properties from The Journey Group, […]


Park Lawn Corporation reports 3Q 2019

Last week Canadian based public company funeral home and cemetery operator Park Lawn Corporation released its 3rd Quarter and 9-month results for 2019.  You can see them here. The fast growing company reported 2019 3Q revenues of $66.5 million as compared to 2018 3rd Quarter revenues of $43.2 million. . .an increase of 54%.  They also reported 9-month 2019 revenue of $175.3 million as compared to $110.7 million for the same period in 2018. Park Lawn also noted that the […]


Finally. . .for the weekend. . . .

Park Lawn Corporation Recognized – In a notice coming out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Park Lawn Corporation was recognized by the Toronto Stock Exchange as a member of its inaugural TSX30.  The TSX30 is a new program designed to celebrate the 30 top-performing stocks over the last three years, based on dividend-adjusted share price appreciation. CEO Andrew Clark commented on the honor, “As we continue our growth both organically and through acquisition, we will remain focused n enhancing our product […]