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Mortuary school enrollment jumps 24% in 2021, even bigger jump expected this year

One of the few positives to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic may be the way that funeral directors were perceived by the public.  There’s no doubt that during the pandemic funeral directors were seen as unselfish heroes in many communities for the way they handled the high number of deaths. And it may be, that just when we need it most, that positive public perception may help the profession by supplying more trained and skilled workers just when we […]

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Student debt affects mortuary students and mortuary workers as well

While I have not stayed up to date on the federal government dictates of the Biden administration, the moratorium on student debt payment is, I believe, ending on February 1, and may be extended.  The moratorium program has proven to be well received, as according to the article mentioned in the next paragraph, almost 90% of those with federal student loans are taking advantage of the moratorium. I had not thought of this program in the coronavirus relief measures until […]

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Afternoon edition: Funeral director becomes WNBA’s all-time leading rebounder

We’ve got plenty of stories to tell you this afternoon, however, we felt that “topping our charts” was this article from ESPN.com that that chronicles a Tuesday night game in which  WNBA player Sylvia Fowles became the all-time leading rebounder in the history of that basketball league.  Sports leading Funeral Director Daily headlines?? The fact is that the 34-year old Fowles has used her off-season time to study mortuary science and intends to work as a funeral director once her […]


Here’s Some Good News — Mortuary Student enrollment Up. . . In New Zealand

It is no secret that many funeral homes in the United States are searching for additional staff.  It also appears that those institutions that instruct in Mortuary Science are having a hard time attracting students, probably somewhat due to the otherwise booming American economy. In an article and video that you can read and see here we learn that the country of New Zealand is seeing a rise – of up to 50% – in this years mortuary studies class. […]


The Growing Numbers of Women Funeral Directors

I came across an article the other day  on nextavenue.org that you can read here pertaining to the growing number of women who are entering the funeral director field.  The article focused on funeral director Jan Smith of Indianapolis who attended mortuary school in the 1990s.  Ms. Smith recalls that the number of females in her class was only about 5%. Today, the article states that the National Funeral Director’s Association membership includes 16% of its current membership as female […]


Mortuary Science Student Named 2017 WNBA MVP

If you live in Minnesota like I do you are very aware of the WNBA.  The WNBA, or Women’s National Basketball Association, is the summer – and female – version of the NBA.  Our hometown, Minnesota Lynx have been National Champions three times.  This year our Lynx are in the play-off process right now and being led by some star players including recently named League MVP Sylvia Fowles. According to a recent article in her hometown Miami Herald, Fowles is […]