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Cemetery Regulations

Lessons learned from growing up as an FDK (Funeral Director’s Kid)

This article will be published on Friday morning because I figure it won’t be real business like, but it will be something that the reader can carry into the weekend.  Lots of people talk about PK’s – Preacher’s Kids – but there is another group of us who grew up in a funeral home or near a funeral home and sometimes were expected to toe the line even more properly than PK’s because we were Funeral Director’s Kids (FDK’s). . […]


Thousands turn out for veteran’s memorial service

Wayne Wilson was a Vietnam veteran who died at age 67 on May 28, 2019.  According to sources, Wilson died without any surviving family members.  It was that fact that led some of his friends to call out the community of Niles, Michigan to attend his memorial service last Wednesday in Niles. With the help of some publicity from Brown Funeral Home and Cremation Services, those friends had hoped for an additional 10-15 people from the community to show up […]