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Cemetery Regulations

The only thing harder to find in Malibu than a hotel room is a grave. . .

Malibu, California was incorporated into a city in 1991 and that led to a moratorium on new development that included, among other things, hotels.  So, Malibu has famously become known as a very tough place to get a hotel room. Back in 2015, however, a group known as Green Acres, LLC, began a push to put a cemetery on a 27.8 acre site that was once proposed for a hotel.  Recently that group has again been in the news, as […]


The battle to build a cemetery

New Orleans, Louisiana, is known as a great American city.  Because the city sits about 15-18 feet below sea level and has levies protecting the city its cemeteries are well known for their unique above ground burials in some places.  Because of some of these type of land issues, the city itself has found itself in the cemetery businesses by owning six cemeteries within the city limits. And lately, the city has became known as one of the American cities […]