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Matthews increasingly serving the profession. . . . and the living

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently published this article on Matthews International entitled “From tombstones to fuel cells, Matthews International wants to leave its mark on clean mobility“.  The article is a great read on Matthews and reminded me that this “quiet company” of funeral service continues to make a difference every day, not only in the death care profession, but to the living as well. Matthews operates in three distinct divisions — one of which they call their Memorialization segment.  The […]


Matthews 1Q 2021 shows improvement, Memorialization segment grows revenue

Earnings period is upon us again in the death care industry.  Over the next 8 weeks the eight death care public companies that make up the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI) will report sales and earnings for the October, November, and December periods.  To those on a calendar year accounting format that will be their 4th Quarter, but to some on a different fiscal year it will represent a different quarter of the fiscal year. Matthews International is […]


Matthews reports 4Q and Year End 2020: Memorialization segment is high point

Our reports for the period of July thru September 2020 come to an end with today’s report on Matthews International.  Funeral Director Daily files reports every quarter on the eight public companies that make up our financial Death Care Index (DCI). Today’s report on Matthew’s International, which you can access here, encompasses the mentioned time period which is the 4th Quarter of Matthews fiscal year so we can give you Fiscal Year 2020 numbers also. First of all, for 4Q […]


Matthews Memorialization segment shows revenue gains in 3Q 2020

Matthews International, which operates on a fiscal year that begins on October 1 each year, released earnings reports last week.  The company has three operating segments and the one that is of interest to those of us in the death care profession is what Matthews refers to as its “Memorialization Segment”. Matthews Memorialization Segment consists of four divisions which you can learn more about here. Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions – Caskets, urns, remembrance jewelry Matthews Cemetery Products – Granite memorials […]


Investors still reluctant with death care stocks

I happened to see that at the close of the markets Friday that funeral home and cemetery operator and consolidator Park Lawn Corporation’s stock closed down over 9% from the previous day.  I looked for news on the company but could not find anything in the public world that would cause a precipitous drop in valuation like that. What it did cause me to do was take a look at all the other death care stocks that comprise the Funeral […]


Investors seem wary of death care stocks

We last brought our readers an update on the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI) on April 6, 2020, which represented values as of the close of business on Friday, April 3.  As we tell national publications that call us about our DCI, it is not a scientific weighting of public companies in the death care business, but does give some semblance to what the investment community is thinking about the funeral, cemetery, crematory, and preneed services business community […]


Mathews 2Q 2020: Improved pricing for caskets and memorial products. . . but, lower unit sales

Last week Matthews International, a publicly traded company with a segment of its business in the death care realm reported 2nd Quarter 2020 results.  According to a press release you can read here, due to their international operations, the company believes their business units began experiencing the impacts of COVID-19 earlier in the quarter, initially in their Asian and European markets. As an entire company, Matthews reported a sales decline of 4.2% with sales in Q2 2020 of $374.8 million […]

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Our colleagues and friends aiding the effort

One of the great things in being part of the funeral, cremation, cemetery, and its supply business is that, as you work in it over time, you realize that it is a pretty small professional world and you get to know lots of people and lots of companies in the realm.  Also, you realize that whatever “it” is, we always seem to be in “it” together. Finally, you realize that one of the commonalities in the business is the propensity […]


Matthews reports year end. . .Memorialization sales increase

Matthews International reported their 4th Quarter and 2019 fiscal Year Sales last week.  The Pittsburgh based public company includes in its portfolio, as one of three business segments, a Memorialization unit that includes Matthews Cremation, Aurora Casket, and Star Granite which are of interest to the death care industry. You can access the Matthews International 4Q and Fiscal 2019 report here. For the 2019 year Matthews International reported sales of $1.54 billion as compared to 2018 total sales of $1.60 […]