This might be the best time in a generation to be selling Preneed

By Funeral Director Daily / March 31, 2022 /

I enjoy learning and then finding solutions to problems.  It’s something I’ve done since I was a child — find out the facts of the situation and then solve the problem.  To that end, I continue to read four business newsletters per day. . . I simply enjoy what I learn from them and then…

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Digging for data to reach your client families

By Funeral Director Daily / November 18, 2021 /

There was a day back when I was growing up that young attorneys would pass the Bar exam and then were instructed to “Hang out a shingle” to let the world know they were in business.  That might have worked back in the 1970’s or 1980’s but today if that attorney is not reaching out…

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This isn’t your mother’s funeral home

By Funeral Director Daily / August 12, 2021 /

Tonight (August 12), according to this article from MarketWatch, if you happen to be in Manhattan you can stop by the historic Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, take a seat inside, and enjoy a night of comedy.  The article states that four comedians are ready to “play the room” where services for diplomats, socialites, and…

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The value of non-conventional marketing

By Funeral Director Daily / July 23, 2021 /

It’s hard for me to believe that I now call Direct Mail, Radio, and Newspaper advertising “non-conventional”.  When I started in the business that was about as “conventional” as it got. However, when I am looking online for products to buy I’ve become accustomed to looking at the “Reviews” or the “Star Ratings” now.  I…

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Bringing your public image to reality

By Funeral Director Daily / March 31, 2021 /

If you are operating a business, such as a funeral home or cemetery, and that business has been around for several years, whether you like it or not, that business has a perception to the public.  The good news is that if the business has been around for a length of time, then it is…

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Marketing: Top of Mind Awareness

By Funeral Director Daily / August 26, 2019 /

Over the years I learned a lot about marketing.  When sales reps for different advertising mediums came into our business to either sell or re-new our programs I always looked at them as extensions of our business and not sales people.  I figured that if I could learn from them I could use that knowledge…

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