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When grandma dies, how do we get the word out?

I served as a funeral director in a small town and when somebody died, the news got out.  There can be a difference between a death notice and an obituary or an obituary can serve as both.  In America we have closed over 2,000 newspapers since the year 2000 and many communities no longer have any local news coverage. So, how does the word get out that grandma died so that people can pay their respects at the visitation and […]


Weekend Edition. . . milestones, cleaning off the desk. . .some information for our readers

I’m not a bah, humbug type of guy. . . .I actually love the holidays. . .all of them.  However, shopping for a Christmas tree, dragging it home, and getting it set up is not one of my favorite things to do.  I should be grateful because Angie does all the hard work like decorating the tree and the house. . . . my only jobs are to get the tree home and get the tree set up for her […]