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Johnson Consulting’s Jake Johnson on the acquisition market

Acquisitions: what 2021 taught us and what we can forecast Editor’s Note:  We’ve seen some movement in the acquisition market so Funeral Director Daily asked one of the experts in the industry, Jake Johnson, to comment on what he has seen so far in 2021 and what may lie ahead.  His comments follow: Jake Johnson: The demand for buyers was on the rise in 2021. More businesses considered selling due to the tax implications and high valuations. Business owners started […]


The Acquisition Market: Should you buy or sell

From my point of view at Funeral Director Daily it has appeared to me that the acquisition market has been very quiet during the 2020 pandemic year.  If that is true it makes sense in that individual funeral homes were pretty well consumed with how to satisfy their clientele during the socially distanced period and just didn’t have the time to look into the succession market. The other day we received an unsolicited group e-mail  from our friends at Johnson […]


Do you know the results

Many of the decisions that have been made over the years in business have been made by “gut feel”.  Lots of business people, including those in the funeral business, have made lots of money by following their hunches.  I was a little bit like that as in the 1980’s I didn’t have a lot of information on how my client families felt about the services that I provided, the amounts I charged, and the how are facilities we provided were […]


News for funeral service professionals

Today we just pass on a couple of items that we found that we thought would be of interest to you.  Please note that the webinar entitled, “COVID 19 – Your Legal Questions Answered” is scheduled for tomorrow. Webinar:  Covid-19:  Your Legal Questions Answered.  Friday, April 17.  10 am Eastern time.  9 am Central time.  This webinar is sponsored by the National Funeral Directors Association and will feature NFDA legal counsel T. Scott Gilligan.  It will be moderated by NFDA’s […]


StoneMor keeps moving towards turnaround

StoneMor Partners, L.P. issued a press release the other day expressing some of the movements they are making as they execute their self-termed “turnaround” of the company.  As you may know, StoneMor Partners operates 321 cemeteries and 90 funeral homes and has incurred several consecutive quarters of losses in their operation.  You can read their press release here: In essence, here are some of their moves as they continue to execute their plan to bring the company back to business […]


Arizona city to sell cemetery

This is an interesting news story because it seems so many times we have published stories about cemeteries asking to be taken over by cities or other municipal agencies because they could no longer make a profit.  We noticed this story, that you can read here, about the City of Glendale, Arizona, planning to sell their city owned cemetery to a private company. The cemetery in question is the Glendale City Cemetery and it was established by three churches over […]