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A rise in case counts — Jake Johnson on how that can impact funeral home value

Editor’s Note:  A recent article that we published on the increasing United States death rate brought commentary from Jake Johnson of Funeral Director Daily sponsor Johnson Consulting Group.  Here’s Jake’s take on what increasing death rates may mean to your funeral home: A recent article by Funeral Director Daily was published on the national death rate in the U.S., with the expectation of climbing and no signs of normalizing soon. According to the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare […]


Johnson Consulting: 5 Things you need to know about taxes right now

In today’s Afternoon Edition we bring you some items of interest from our friends at Johnson Consulting Group, Clifton Larson Allen, and the National Funeral Directors Association. From Johnson Consulting it is things to know about taxes. . . From CLA it is how you can turn challenges into opportunities. . .and from our friends at NFDA it is the latest in the Brush with Death podcast series which highlights 9/11 from a perspective of twenty years later. Johnson Consulting […]

Afternoon Edition

Jake Johnson on “Acquisitions” is most read article of the month

Johnson Consulting Group CEO Jake Johnson wrote a short article for Funeral Director Daily dealing with the acquisition landscape and that article tops our “Most Read” list for the 30 days from August 15 to September 15.  In case you missed them, here are the top read articles from Funeral Director Daily over the past month. Johnson Consulting’s Jake Johnson on the acquisition market. Another start-up in Death Tech. . .another player in caskets. My brother Jim . . . […]

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Johnson Consulting to host “Data Driven Decision” webinar

There is an old song released in April 1981 and sung by Barbara Mandrel entitled, “I was Country when Country wasn’t cool”.  I have to admit that when I entered my freshman year of college at Texas Christian University in September of 1976  I started hearing music that resonated with me. . . .Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson. . . artists that I had never heard of in Minnesota at that time.  Circumstances led me back to Minnesota […]


Pure Cremation unveils new advertising spots

Only about a week ago Funeral Director Daily brought to our readers some new promotional spots by direct cremation start-up Solace.  We told you that we liked them and then linked them for you to view.  You can see that article here. We also told you in that article that we have been big fans of the apparent business plan and execution of such for the United Kingdom’s Pure Cremation.  We added links to their thoughtful ads promoting direct cremation […]


Do you know the results

Many of the decisions that have been made over the years in business have been made by “gut feel”.  Lots of business people, including those in the funeral business, have made lots of money by following their hunches.  I was a little bit like that as in the 1980’s I didn’t have a lot of information on how my client families felt about the services that I provided, the amounts I charged, and the how are facilities we provided were […]


News you can use for the funeral profession

We are taking the tact of getting out this information item early in the morning on Friday passing on some news that you can use.  Just yesterday we learned that the fine folks at Johnson Consulting Group were hosting an informative webinar today, Friday, May 1.  We wanted to get the link to the registration to you before it was too late.  In this notice we have also included some other items of interest. Webinar:  Hosted by Johnson Consulting Group.  […]


Jake Johnson on the Merger and Acquisition Market

With so much talk about the mergers and acquisitions in the death care industry of late, I thought it would be insightful to get the thoughts of Jake Johnson, President and CEO of Johnson Consulting Group on the subject. Mr. Johnson guides the company whom many consider to be the premier total solutions provider in the death care industry.  For more information on Johnson Consulting, including a webinar on the acquisition market, you can access their web-site here. Here are […]