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Inflation, wages, and turkeys. Connecting the dots can help your funeral home strategy.

Being retired has its advantages.  I spend a little time every day reading three electronically delivered economy or financial focused newsletters I subscribe to.  I then like to interpret and extrapolate the information that I get from them and use it in my personal financial decisions as well as my managerial decisions for the companies I am still involved with.  I not only enjoy the exercise, but I find it valuable. Yesterday, the subscriptions let me to this article from […]


Could “Skimpflation” be part of your margin solution??

My wife, Angie, came home from the grocery store on Monday morning and showed me a bag of Honeycrisp apples that priced out at over $18. . . Now, I don’t buy the groceries, but I could tell from her reaction that this was a high price for these apples.  So, I think we know that inflation is here. My thought process today is, “How will that affect those of us in the death care business?” I also read an […]

Business Regulations

Challenges managing thru constant change

I’ve told you before that I get a lot of ideas for articles simply by seeing what is going on in “current events” and then trying to hypothesize how those current events will affect the death care industry.  I’m writing this column on Thursday, October 14, and during my workout this morning with the television on I saw a couple of statistics that reminded me how difficult it can be to manage a business through constant change.  . as compared […]


Microsoft: “. . . digital adoption curves aren’t slowing down”

I saw  that quote in Microsoft’s 1st Quarter 2021 report last week and wondered how that will affect the death care industry.  That’s not a unique thought for me because if you’ve followed my writing for any length of time you know that I like to look at other industries and then take what they are learning and try to figure out how it will eventually affect us. I think what Microsoft had to say speaks volumes to how we […]


Will inflation affect your operations

If you have followed my writings for any length of time you know that I look to emerging trends to get a “gut feel” on what is going to be happening in the business world.  Getting that gut feel doesn’t always lead to making fundamental business decisions, but it does lead me to continue watching on the trends and gut feel thoughts with a more precise eye on what is happening. For the most part of the last two decades […]