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Afternoon edition: Opportunities for professionals. . . and just news

By Funeral Director Daily / July 23, 2020 /

In today’s afternoon edition we have a little something for everybody.  We’ve got information on educational opportunities coming up for industry professionals dealing with everything from attracting consumers to your funeral home to insights on the financial markets, to podcasts on interesting topics from the National Funeral Directors Association. On the news front there are…

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Recompose sets sights on Colorado

By Funeral Director Daily / December 18, 2019 /

Recompose, the public benefits corporation that is moving the process of recomposition (human composting) into the commercial realm recently held a forum at the Feldman Mortuary in Denver, Colorado.  The forum was used to introduce the idea of recomposition to the Colorado market and also to announce that two Colorado legislators plan to introduce a…

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The Greening of cremation

By Funeral Director Daily / November 13, 2019 /

National Geographic magazine published an article the other day that you can read here.  It was published in their “Environment and Conservation” sector and is entitled, “The environmental toll of cremating the dead“. The article makes the statement that 78% of Brits are now cremated and in America, we have surpassed the number of burials…

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Calculating the environmental costs. . . what matters most?

By Funeral Director Daily / October 17, 2019 /

The article begins, “Cremation and ground burial both have carbon footprints that have some people looking for other options for the afterlife.”  That sentence pulled me in but what I went on to watch and read in this video and news story from Chemical & Engineering News pertaining to the “new” death care economy that…

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July numbers show Funeral Director Daily keeps increasing readership, viewership

By Funeral Director Daily / August 26, 2019 /

We want to continue to thank our loyal readers for making Funeral Director Daily what we believe is the fastest growing informational format for the death care industry read today.  Our readership increased for the 3rd consecutive month — and for July 2019 from June 2019 we saw an increase of 6.8% of daily views. …

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Environmentally Friendly Death Care

By Funeral Director Daily / July 12, 2018 /

Environmentally friendly can come in different ideas and can be different for different people.  In the death care industry there is no shortage of those that want to capitalize on the growing green movement among societies.  In that regard, I found three articles published at different places from around the world that dealt with, in…

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