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Business Products

Fad, trend, or tradition?

New products and services used by the American public seem to start as fads, become a trend, and then, those with staying power evolve into a tradition of life.   Over the last few days I’ve noticed a couple of products that have either followed that road map or may be on their way to dissolving.  And, I think that there is something for death care professionals to learn from the process. On one hand let’s look at Peleton, the stationary […]

Cemetery Products

New Hampshire community delays “Green Burial” decisions

A New Hampshire community has again delayed – until at least Spring 2022 – the decision on an ordinance to allow “Green Burials” in two city owned cemeteries.  The City Manager of Lebanon City, New Hampshire, Shaun Mulholland, was quoted in this article from Valley News as saying, “This has gone on for two years now.  It really shouldn’t have gone on this long, quite frankly.” Mulholland was referring to the decision made in early December that the Lebanon City […]

Business Cemetery

“Green” going big

Market forces eventually move ideas and products that become staples of our way of life.  However, in almost all cases, private investment is needed to spur the product or service into general practice among the American public.  Take the Tesla automobile, for instance.  Founder Elon Musk didn’t just take the idea of an electric automobile, grab some old 1957 Chevys and put batteries in them for the public to purchase. A lot of people talked about electric vehicles having a […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: Cemetery re-imagination and more

As we post our final Afternoon Edition before the Labor Day holiday we do so with some articles that are heavily weighted to the cemetery side of the death care profession.  In today’s News from the World of Death Care we bring you an article from “The Conversation” that deals with how the cemetery could be “Re-imagined”. And. . .we have about three other cemetery related articles that deal with Green Burials, the “derecho” damage to Iowa cemeteries, and the […]


Vancouver cemetery considers three dimensional plots

Sustainability and the ability to make more out of less has led the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, British Columbia, to explore options that would allow more graves in the cemetery.  The cemetery has operated in the city since 1887 and was shut down to new grave lot purchases during the time period of 1986 to 2008. The interesting thing about allowing “more graves” is not that they will be platted on more ground, but will be sold in a […]


Maine veterans’ cemetery going green

A project set to begin this fall for 554 pre-placed crypts at the Southern Maine Veterans’ Cemetery will also include 234 “green burial” graves that will be created.  According to this article from the Journal Times, cemetery superintendent Scott Brown commented that, “It will be the first state (veterans) cemetery in the nation to have this.”  The article went on to mention that three national veterans cemeteries are also preparing to have this option — in Colorado, New York, and […]


15 month odyssey for Green Burial completed

A written article and video news story from NBC Connecticut that you can see here tells the story of the death and eventual burial of Ms. Tessa Pascarella.  The story is one of the difficulty of having a green burial on land you own and how that can be accomplished.  To me, it is also a touching story of a son who would not quit in his pursuit of “doing for his mother what she wanted done.” I don’t think […]


Twin Cities Catholic Cemeteries to offer Natural Burial Option

In an article that you can read here the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) Catholic Cemetery group is in the process of preparing to offer natural, or green burials, as an option as early as this fall.  The group has announced that it is readying a portion of one of its cemeteries, Resurrection Cemetery in Mendota Heights, to make available about 50 natural burial plots with the potential to add many more in the future. As this discussion came about, the […]


Minnesota Green Cemetery to Open

Yesterday we wrote about an article in Chicago Business which featured a story on Chicago area funeral homes that were seeing a drop in margins and a drop in number of calls.  The end result of that fact was that many of the smaller firms were actually closing their doors for good.  Funeral Director Daily opined that we as funeral homes and businesses in the death care industry really need to at least be on , if not ahead, of […]