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Dignity plc and their price point pivot. . . . can they remain profitable?

2022 marked a point in the history of Great Britain’s largest death care provider, Dignity plc, where they planned to increase consumer market share for their services by lowering their prices.  What they maybe didn’t anticipate was the highest inflationary pressures in the last 40 years on the costs of their services to happen at the same time. It’s a certain mathematical formula that lower sales prices coupled with increased expenses will result in lower margins. . . and that […]


Dignity Plc 9-month report: More services, more revenue, less profit

Dignity plc, the United Kingdom’s only publicly listed provider of funeral related services released its report on the first nine months of its 2020 business year earlier this week.  You can read highlights of that report here in a short synopsis of such from Reuters. In essence, the number of deaths in Great Britain increased approximately 15% over the same period of one year ago. Dignity Plc saw their services for January -September 2020 grow to 61,200 from 52,100 in […]

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A new, hipper, choice in funerals

Last week I learned about, what I might classify as extraordinary and possibly trend setting – if one can say that about funeral establishments – new funeral home that opened recently in London.  The business named “Exit Here” was conceived by British restauranteer Oliver Peyton and his business partner, Barry Pritchard, a third generation funeral director and a board member of the UK’s National Association of Funeral Directors. You can read an article from Citylab on the business here. Exit […]


So you thought your firm had a long history

Many of us are pretty proud, and rightfully so, that we have helped families in our communities cope with the death of a loved one for over 100 years and maybe are into our 3rd, 4th, or 5th generation of family service.  Funeral service is a noble profession and one that those of us who seem to thrive on being caretakers enjoy keeping in our family. Just the other day I came across this article on family business success in […]