Community Heroes all around funeral service

By Funeral Director Daily / February 26, 2019 /

While I was researching for articles for today’s post it just hit me as I looked at the articles and I realized that just about everyday some funeral director is written up in their local newspaper because what they have meant to their community.  Most of us are happy to be in the background just…

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Singapore sites Four new funeral parlours

By Funeral Director Daily / January 16, 2019 /

Funeral customs around the world are interesting to observe.  But, just as the customs are interesting to observe so are the challenges of those in funeral service for profit in the differing countries with differing values in funeral service.  I recently read an article in Channel News Asia that you can read here. Land is…

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InvoCare moves forward despite headwinds Down Under

By Funeral Director Daily / August 21, 2018 /

Australian funeral service market share leader, InvoCare, is moving forward with capital expenses aimed at becoming more appealing to Baby Boomers in spite of several headwinds on funeral service down under.  You can read an article from Australian Financial Review on the slowing of InvoCare’s business here. In the article InvoCare CEO, Martin Earp, mentions…

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South Koreans Preferring Cremation

By Funeral Director Daily / March 20, 2018 /

  The South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare recently released a report that indicates that since the 1990’s South Koreans have been preferring cremation at a very high percentage.  An article published in the Straits Times that you can read here indicates that over 80% of South Koreans now choose cremation. The article points…

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