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Will we look back at 2020 as a “high water mark” for change in the funeral profession

The first thing I will comment on is that if you look at the image I have put on this article, it should come with a question mark at the end. If you have followed my writings for any length of time you know that I like to try to spot trends and then hypothesize on what those trends may mean in the future.  Sometimes trends show the future and sometimes they sputter out and become short term changes of […]

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Catching up with the casket business

We are in the period of public companies reporting their 3rd Quarter results to the world and it is only a couple of weeks before Hillenbrand, parent company of Batesville Casket Company, and Matthews International, parent company of Aurora Casket Company will give us those results. As most of you know, those businesses have generally continued to remain profitable even in the face of downward unit sales over the past several years as cremation has cut into the number of […]


Are you ready for 2021. . . ready, set, Buy!

Over the years I’ve moved from really long-range planning about my business to a method where I plan for shorter durations.  I think my move has coincided with many who have went from developing long range “strategic” plans to plans that are shorter in duration, less set in stone, and allow a business to be more flexible and nimble as situations change. I think that trend has come to business in just the last several years, simply because “change’ in […]


Do we know what are colleagues are up against

Earlier this week I came across a couple of articles that tell the toll of funeral directors and funeral home operators who have operated in the COVID-19 environment.  After reading them I think it is very difficult for those of us, who have not been on the front lines of arrangements or financial management of funeral homes for some time, to realize the difficulties present day operators are struggling with. In this pandemic time some operators are not only dealing […]


Survey says funeral trends changing

Cision PR Newswire published the results of the Foresight Companies 2020 Funeral and Cemetery Behavior Study on Wednesday.  You can see the Cision article here.  In it they mention that this survey was based on 2,548 respondents “drawn from a nationally representative panel sample of U.S. residents.” Chris Cruger, Partner and Chief Operation Officer at the Foresight Companies was quoted, “The resulting business implications the study points to are colossal – especially for a sector largely unchanged for decades.  How […]

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Will “Death Photos” become part of your services

According to this article from the Minneapolis Tribune but syndicated by the New York Times, “when Louise Rafkin posted a photo of her mother on Facebook the night of her death at age 98 in September with her golden retriever at her side, it rattled some family members and friends.”  “The Facebook post was a way to announce the death,” Rafkin said. We’ve all heard about the “death photos” of the past when it might be at a funeral that […]


As Maine goes. . .so goes the nation

When I was growing up and in elementary school in the 1960’s there was a saying about Presidential elections.  That saying was, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation”.  What it meant was that the state of Maine had an uncanny ability to vote with the winning candidate in so many elections.  In today’s left and right political world it no longer applies, but it did back in the day. Moving ahead about 15 years to the early 1980’s I […]


Burial in a Mushroom Suit

We have written that funeral wishes and choices by the consumer is ever expanding in the death care market.  We have written that the choices and alternatives outside of traditional earth burial and cremation continue to expand.  Last October we wrote about a process, created by a company called Coeio, in which a deceased is place in an organic cotton suit, or shroud, that is infused with a biomix of mushroom mycelium that will aid in decomposition and transfer body […]


America’s next migration movement and its effect on funeral service

I’m a history buff and I love to look back and learn what has happened in our country.  I’ve found that many times a “precipitator” happens and that event or group of events causes history to happen.  I was running on my treadmill the other morning watching CNBC for business news and Fox News for other news and in switching back and forth between channels I realized that in different ways they were talking about the same thing. What they […]


What do you see on the Horizon?

The other day a funeral service professional asked me, “What do you see on the horizon for funeral service?”  Since I have not put out any predictions for over a year I thought I would just give an answer on what comes to mind first for me.  Instead of a long, thought out answer sometimes it is just a good exercise to say what comes to your mind first. So, here I go.  And one of the things that sticks […]