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Reclaiming Your Identity

By Funeral Director Daily / April 1, 2022 /

Last week I was sent an offering to download the Passare short 26-page ebook entitled “The New Funeral Consumer”.  In general, the ebook is based on observations and answers from what Passare says “is (probably) the largest independent funeral study that has ever been conducted.  Interviews were conducted with over 3,000 individuals and each were…

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Digital life and legacy services company has raised $7.5 million to date

By Funeral Director Daily / December 29, 2021 /

What happens to our online accounts, photos, documents and more when we die? According to this press release, “Our digital lives – and deaths – are increasingly complex.  Recent surveys show that some 65% of U.S. adults do not remember their passwords and another shows that 95% have no idea what happens to their digital…

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Death tech app Empathy raises $30 million in Series A funding

By Funeral Director Daily / October 6, 2021 /

A relatively new death tech app, Empathy, recently raised $30 million in Series A funding according to this article from Tech Crunch.  The product is designed to help bereaving families navigate the choppy waters  that result when a family member or someone close to them dies. “Empathy is a customer-centric company with compassion at our…

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More companies hope to cash in on the changing face of Death Care

By Funeral Director Daily / September 17, 2021 /

I recently read this article where Bank of America has profiled 14 future “moonshot” technologies that they believe could offer vast wealth to those who are lucky enough to invest in them.  In reading that article, I realized that, to a certain extent we have, maybe not moonshot technologies, but at least planetary technologies in…

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Death Tech — will new technologies move forward

By Funeral Director Daily / August 2, 2021 /

Want to deliver the audio at your own funeral with a text written after your death by your pastor or other spokesman?  Evidently, voice synthesizing technology can now make that happen. . . . a written text will mimic  your own voice, even after death giving you the opportunity to deliver your own funeral sermon.…

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Will the coronavirus change how we grieve

By Funeral Director Daily / February 4, 2021 /

For those of you readers who are not funeral directors, have you attended a funeral in the last six months?  I haven’t. . . . and I cannot remember when the last time I attended a funeral was. Truth be told, since I have left full-time funeral directing and management, I have chosen to go…

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Another funeral tech firm raises capital

By Funeral Director Daily / November 9, 2020 /

On Friday we published an article about funeral FinTech and software firm Tribute Technology fetching a reported “more than a billion” dollar amount when sold.  That same day we learned in this article that an Idaho funeral tech firm had just received a $4 million venture fund investment from Pelion Venture Partners based in Utah.…

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Providence Strategic Growth said to have a deal “north of $1 billion” for Tribute Technology

By Funeral Director Daily / November 6, 2020 /

Back in September we published this article about Providence Strategic Growth (Providence Equity) planning to put their funeral software firm, Tribute Technology, on the market.  At that time. the article that we had read from Barron’s mentioned that Providence believed that they could get a $1 billion offer for their assemblage of companies that they…

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Come together . . . . .The Domani Group and Homesteaders Life Company

By Funeral Director Daily / September 24, 2020 /

The other day we received a press release announcing that “The Domani Group joins forces with Homesteaders Life Company”.  In that release, which you can read here, it announced “The Domani Group, a leader in preneed and aftercare solutions for funeral homes, is pleased to announce it is joining forces with Homesteaders Life Company.”   This…

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Security National joins Russell 3000 and other Death Care News

By Funeral Director Daily / June 30, 2020 /

Today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily brings you an update on death care public company Security National Financial Corporation (SNDC) and its inclusion into the Russell 3000 stock market index.  SNFC, which operates in the funeral, cemetery, cash assignment, and preneed portions of the death care industry was brought into the index as of…

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