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Tattoo removal and preservation. . . another revenue source for your funeral home?

I heard about this process almost a year ago but did not really know enough to write on the subject until I came across this article from The Telegraph, a publication of Hearst Media. The process that I refer to is that of tattoo removal from a deceased body.  As it turns out there are those who have tattoos who would like to have them preserved after their time of death.  And, it is not only the bearer of the […]

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Cremation Tattoos Becoming Popular

Diane Lange, the owner of Moonlight Tattoo in Ocean View, New Jersey has been tattooing for 35 years.  In the past six months, however, she has explained that the number of calls she is getting for cremation tattoos has been rapidly increasing. While we know that cremation rates have been increasing in the U.S., what many people don’t know is that some people take cremation and memorialization a step further and use the cremation ashes, or cremains, for body art. […]