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Are you up to date with your streaming services? — Here’s some advice from the experts

Hang with me here for just a second and we will get to some great information for streaming. . . . I might as well admit to you all – I’m not a big Facebook guy.  I’ve probably been a member for 15 years or so and my profile will tell you that I have 32 friends and 111 friend requests.  You see, after being a member for a short period of time I got tired of seeing so much […]


Streaming and the new mourning

There is no doubt since the advent of COVID-19 that the funeral profession has had to become more technologically advanced.  And, in the practice of the “no large gathering” prohibition across the country we have turned to technology, such as funeral streaming, to allow more people to mourn the services of a loved one. The funeral profession also has a myriad of opinions on how live streaming these funeral, memorial, and graveside events may become common practice and some in […]