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Security National’s 1st Quarter — Memorial segment has revenue rise, but earnings decrease

By Funeral Director Daily / May 31, 2022 /

Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC), the Utah based company that has three separate business segments including those that operate in the retail mortuary and cemetery space, the preneed insurance space, and is also the parent company of C & J Financial, had very mixed results in the 1st Quarter of 2022 as seen in their…

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Security National’s Cemetery/Mortuary revenues up 28% in Q2

By Funeral Director Daily / August 27, 2021 /

Security National Financial Corporation of Utah revealed their 2nd Quarter 2021 financial numbers earlier this month.  Total revenues for the entire company were actually down about 2% overall as their Mortgage Division saw an overall 8% decline in revenues as compared to the same quarter of 2020. However, the company’s Life Insurance division, which included…

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Carriage Services reports 2020 year. . . shows the trends

By Funeral Director Daily / February 23, 2021 /

In a press release that you can read here you can find out that Houston, Texas, based funeral home and cemetery consolidator Carriage Services recorded record results not only for the 4th Quarter of 2020 but for the full year of 2020 as well.  Not only did Carriage Services record these record financial results, they…

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Carriage Services reports 4th Quarter and Year End 2019

By Funeral Director Daily / February 24, 2020 /

  Last week funeral service and cemetery consolidator and operator Carriage Services, based in Houston, Texas, reported 4th Quarter and Year End results for 2019.  They also provided commentary on how they believe that the company will move in the next three years.  I will provide some factual information in this report but also my…

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BOOX Research rates SCI as “underperform”

By Funeral Director Daily / July 24, 2019 /

BOOX Research provided an article to Seeking Alpha about Service Corporation International (SCI) that you can read here.  It’s important to note that this is only one article by one researcher, but their complex analysis ends up with a going forward rating on the public death care company of “Underperform”. The very first page of…

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Australia. . . the harbinger of things to come?

By Funeral Director Daily / June 11, 2019 /

The funeral and cremation profession in Australia is an industry that takes in about US $ 1.12 billion in revenue each year (all amounts in this article have been converted to U.S. values).  That’s only about 7% of the purported industry revenue of $16.3 billion that the United States death care profession reels in, however,…

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StoneMor receives financing, completes asset review

By Funeral Director Daily / February 5, 2019 /

Yesterday StoneMor Partners issued a press release which you can read here.  In it they “announced a number of key financial and operational updates representing further steps forward in its ongoing turnaround effort.  These steps include a waiver and amedment of certain loan covenants, growth financing from its largest investor and the completion of an…

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InvoCare stock being shorted

By Funeral Director Daily / December 3, 2018 /

I just saw this article over the weekend and thought I would send it out.  It pertains to the stock of Australian death care leader InvoCare being shorted by many investors.  Being “shorted” means, in basic terms, that many investors believe that the share price will go lower. I thought it interesting in light of…

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Security National’s Earnings almost Double

By Funeral Director Daily / November 14, 2018 /

Security National Financial Corporation, a member of the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI) of public companies recorded 3rd quarter 2018 after-tax earnings of $2.014 million as compared to last year’s 3rd quarter profits of $1.097 million.  You can read the company’s complete press release here. The company which operates in the Life Insurance,…

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Business Monday

By Funeral Director Daily / October 1, 2018 /

A lot happened at the end of last week in the Death Care industry and we will try to give you just a little idea of that as we catch up from over the weekend. StoneMor Partners, L.P. announced in this press release that they will be announcing a corporate transition from a Master Limited…

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